Composers: Gabriella Smart and Daniel Pitman
Seaboard Roli Keyboard & Electric Crystal*: Gabriella Smart
Audio Design, Sampling, Electronics: Daniel Pitman


Composed in 2022 with support from Arts SA

*The Electric Crystal is made of horizontal crystal rods inspired by the Cristal Baschet, and is created by Dylan Crismani (SA). It relies on the fricRon of water and glass to create sound, and is tuned microtonally.

“…Smart, performing on her specially commissioned Electric Crystal (similar to a Cristal Baschet), a laptop and a ROLI Seaboard, and Daniel Pitman performing on laptop, synthesiser and electric guitar and deploying sampled sounds including spoken word, created a mesmerising soundscape that dramatically evoked the wonders of the universe and our perception of it. The work is in six movements: Black Hole, Rings of Saturn, Sky and Earth reflect one another, Space Junk, Milky Way and Moon. Smart’s and Pitman’s rich and complex orchestration moved around the speaker array, inducing the feeling of sittng within a sonic counterpart to that other great astronomical observatory, Stonehenge, while its stone pillars speak and move about like actors on a stage…”

– Chris Reid, Limelight Magazine

Performance and recording of DARK:ANTIKYTHERA at Pt Augusta golf course on 12/8/22. Photo by Jesse Budel