Solo Piano

Ros Bandt The Cedars (2016) (WP)
Jan Bas Bollen Die Schule der Headbängigkeit (2014) (AP)
John Cage Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano
Tristram Cary Through Glass (piano/tape) (1998) (WP)
Xiaoyong Chen Diaries 1 (AP)
Alvin Curran Inner Cities (five hour piano cycle) (AP)
For Cornelius
Tan Dun C-A-G-E (AP)
Traces (1989) (AP)
Simon Emmerson Piano Ring (piano/live electronics) (2018) (WP)
Melody Eötvös Dendrologue (2015) (WP)
Erik Griswold 3 Latin Rhythms (prepared piano)(2002)
The Little Toy Piano Book (toy piano)
Luke Harrald The Intensity of Light (piano/tape) (2017) (WP)
Cat Hope The Fourth Estate (piano, two ebows and two am radios) (European premieres)
Kaps Freed (piano/live electronics) (2016) (WP)
Elena Kats Chernin Nuptial Flight (2012) (WP)
Piano Memories (2016) (WP)
Constantine Koukias Within a Prayer at Lamplighting (piano/delay) (2001) (WP)
Epirus (piano/tape) 2018 (WP)
Hanna Kulenty A Third Circle (1996) (AP)
Cathy Milliken Steel-True Gold-Sole (piano/sampler) (2016) (WP)
Luigi Nono ...sofferte onde serene... ALN 42 (1976) (AP)
Michael Nyman Tango for Tim (WP)
Jon Rose Picnic at Broken Hill (piano/tape) (2015) (WP)
James Rushford Damp Antiquary (2016) (WP)
Johannes S Sistermanns UnPiano (piano, transducer) (2016) (WP)
Roger Smalley Barcarolle (1986)
Variations on a Theme of Chopin (1989)
Erkki Veltheim Two New Proposals for an Overland Telegraph Line from Port Darwin to Port Augusta, from the Perspective of Alice Springs (piano, electronics) (2015) (WP)
Carl Vine Sonata No. 1
Qin Yi Suo (WP)
Julian Yu Impromptu

(WP) = World premiere
(AP) = Australian premiere

Chamber Music

George Antheil Ballét Mechanique (1925) (AP)
Violin Sonata No. 2
Bela Bartok Roumanian Dances
Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion
Martin Bresnick Prayers Remain Forever (cello, piano) (2011)
Tristram Cary Ricercare for two pianos (arr. from JS Bach, 'The Musical Offering’ (1774/1955)
The Rhyme of the Flying Bomb (arr. from Mervyn Peake) (ensemble and tape) (1964)
George Crumb Music for a Summer Evening (Makrokosmos III) (1974) (AP)
In Sun Cho*(Korea) White Shadow 11 (piano, oboe) (WP)
Jia Daqun Flavour of Bashu (1995) (AP)
Peter Eotvos Natscha-trio (2006)
Rudolph George Escher Trio for clarinet, viola and piano (1978)
Mary Finsterer Falling (two pianos) (2012) (WP)
Andrew Ford Willow Songs (singers, ensemble) (2009)
Henryk Gorecki Recitatives and Ariosos “Lerchenmusik” Op. 53 (piano, cello & piano)
Paul Grabowsky Sacred Sites (two pianos) (2012) (WP)
Willem Jeths Chiasmos (piano trio) (2000) (AP)
Hanna Kulenty A Sixth Circle (trumpet and piano) (1995) (AP)
A Fourth Circle (violin/cello and piano) (1994) (AP)
Richard Meale Incredible Floridas (ensemble) (1971)
Olivier Messiaen Quartet for the End of Time
Anthony Pateras Broken, Then Fixed, Then Broken (Bass Clarinet, Cello and Prepared Piano) (2009)
James Rushford Necrology (two pianos/percussion) (2014) (WP)
Rodion Shchedrin Hommage á Chopin (four pianos) (2005) (AP)
Arnold Schoenberg Pierrot Lunaire Op. 21
Ode to Napoleon Op. 41
Robert Schumann Dichterliebe Op. 48
Dimitri Shostakovich Piano Trio Op. 67
Sonata Op. 40 for cello and piano
Piano Quintet Op.57
Roger Smalley Piano Quintet
Igor Stravinsky The Rite of Spring (two pianos)
Margaret Sutherland Violin Sonata
Erkki Veltheim The Continuity Hypothesis (ensemble, electronics) (2017) (WP)
Takashi Yoshimatsu 4 pieces in Bird Form Op.18 (clarinet and piano) (1983) (AP)

(WP) = World premiere
(AP) = Australian premiere

Soundstream Ensemble Performances


Casey Cangelosi Sleight of and Evil Hand (percussion)
Alvin Curran Oh Man Oh Mankind Oh Yeah (mass choir, ensemble) (2009) (AP)
Rudolph George Escher Clarinet Sonata (1973)
Erik Griswold a leaf falls (Cello, Percussion Quartet) (WP)
Sofia Gubaidulina Sonnengesang (Canticle of the Sun, St Francis of Assisi) (Chamber Choir and ensemble) (AP)
Transformation (bass trombone and ensemble) (AP)
“Rejoice!” (1981/88) Sonata for violin and cello
Elena Kats Chernin Promenade 60 (25 pianos, 50 pianists) (WP)
Thierry de Mey Musique de Tables (percussion)
Cat Hope Stella Degradation (viola and cello)
Hanna Kulenty A Fifth Circle (1994) - alto flute with delay
Liza Lim The Heart’s Ear (ensemble) (2002)
Isao Matsushita Kochi (East wind) (solo clarinet) (WP)
Mayke Nas "everybody can do it" (2006) (AP)
Daniel Portelli Animal (Choir, ensemble) (2015) (WP)
Esa-Pekka Salonen Meeting (clarinet and harpsichord) (AP)
Yoshihita Taira Monodrama for bassoon (AP)
Erkki Veltheim String Quartet (2012) (WP)
Kristoffer Zegers Piano Phasing (25 pianos, 50 pianists) (AP)

(WP) = World premiere
(AP) = Australian premiere